we know that people ignore ideas
that ignore people and that's why our ideas always mean business!

Hi, we're onClick Media Solutions, a creative social media marketing agency

based in Durban and we can't wait to start building your brand or business through strategic planning that will see a great return on investment.

By managing your websites, blogs, social media and other forms of digital marketing we boost reach and engagement leading to increased traffic and sales.

Now we know that choosing the right digital media company can be a very frustrating and time consuming task, but luckily for you you've come to the end of that search.

Supported by a great team of experienced designers, developers, copywriters and social media marketers, onClick Media Solutions can quite confidently say that we are the highly creative, extremely skilled and don't forget always trustworthy agency that you can rely on.

Our goal is to consistently deliver outstanding digital media solutions that look stunning, reinforce your brand (sentiment), increase your market presence (reach) and keep your customers involved, interested and informed (engagement).

And let’s face it; because the digital industry is constantly changing we make it our mission to stay up-to-date with trends relating to design, development, search engine optimization and social media and digital marketing.

We value our clients not only as businesses but for the individuals that work hard to make them a success. So we’d love to share some great coffee together and get to know YOU and your brand or business better!

Design is art.
Development is functional.

Web development is the broad term for developing a web site, either for the World Wide Web or a private network. Web development can range from the most basic static single page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike "web design" which deals solely with the appearance of the web page, web development covers the non-design aspects such as writing markup and coding.

At onClick Media Solutions our developers eat web development for breakfast. It's the staple that keeps us going.

And much like you know the taste of your breakfast, we know web development.

So whether you're looking for something simple and static, an extremely dynamic creature, or even a full Wordpress CMS for that matter...we've got you covered.

And you're right, what good is web development without web design? That's why we do that too.

Check out our web development portfolio here

A programmer is simply an organism that turns coffee into applications.

And if we can turn coffee into an application, then we can definitely turn your idea into one.

With revolutionary platforms such as Facebook and Wordpress taking the internet by storm you would be crazy not to hop onto the bandwagon. Think of us as the leverage you need to hop onboard.

Take Facebook application development as an example, with top apps averaging 25,000,000 active users per month the potential to get your brand out there in this innovative and effective way is an opportunity you would be crazy to pass up.

View some of our application case studies here and let's get cracking

Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

Great graphic design is usability, information architecture and accessibility.

It allows form to complement performance so that the way things look, are relevant to the way things work.

At onClick Media Solutons we understand that design forms a crucial part of your brand's identity. We'll ensure that your brand is noticed...and remembered.

View some of our design work

So now that you've found your solution, why wait any longer?
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